Terms and Conditions of Sale


These general conditions of sale, apply between any person visiting or buying on the site lava color.

The lava-coloured conditions of sale cancel and replace all other conditions

General customer purchases, except for certain specific and written derogations. They are

refer to the price list in force at the time of purchase.

The special conditions are presumed to be accepted by the customer as soon as the order is confirmed by clicking on the order validation button. Thus you accept the order as well as all the general terms and conditions of sale.

Couleur lave reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions of sale. The modifications to these GTCs apply to all future sales.

Retention of title

In accordance with law n°80.335 of 12 May 1980, the delivered supplies remain the property of lava color until the regulations are finalized. Failure to pay will result in the goods being returned to the depots at your expense. Any damage (products and packaging) noted during this return will be your responsibility

Prices and payment conditions

The prices of the items are expressed in Euro € and automatically include French VAT. For reasons of international currency fluctuation, Couleur lave reserves the right to modify the price at any time on its website.

The price to be paid by the customer is the price displayed on the order summary page before payment.

The eco-tax is added to the total price. The price appears at the bottom of the invoice. This participation will be given back to the accredited eco-organization chosen by lava colour.

The shipping date of the order corresponds to the date of receipt of payment.

For professionals, the KBIS extract and a RIB must be included with the first order.


The different types of payments:

– Credit Card (Société Générale via Sogecommerce)

Online ordering / order confirmation

The order is placed either through the website www.couleurlave.com, property of lava color, or through partner sites with lava color. For the order on the partner sites, the general terms and conditions of sale of the lava-coloured site remain valid.

For any order on our site, a confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours after validation of your order.

Right of withdrawal and conditions

In accordance with the French Consumer Code, you have fourteen days from the date of receipt of the goods to withdraw without any proof to provide. In the event that this last day is a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or non-working day, the fourteenth day is therefore the next working day. The withdrawal period is interrupted the day the “couleur lave” company receives the product.

In case of withdrawal, you must send an email to the following address: info@couleurlave.com.

Refund terms and conditions
The products of the SAS COULEUR LAVE range will be refunded to the customer in the event that the replacement equipment is not available, in the event of a major defect: furniture does not correspond to the model ordered, furniture not available within the time agreed on the invoice, major manufacturing defects.

Methods of returning goods
We do not accept returns of merchandise, except free of charge and after prior authorization from SAS COULEUR LAVE
Only material returned in its original packaging in good condition will be accepted in return.
Only the equipment that we have found defective can be replaced free of charge and will be sent back to you free of charge without further compensation for damage, costs or repairs.

*For all products manufactured following a specific/customized request (sizes, colour or shapes different from those in the catalogue), there is no right of withdrawal.

* For the Swiss market no withdrawal period is applicable.

Availability / Delivery / Transport

When ordering on the site “name of the e-commerce site”, the customer is informed of the delivery time according to the availability of the product. Full payment of the invoice will trigger delivery.

All deliveries will be made by an authorized carrier by lava color, it can in no case be made by the customer. Packages will be delivered by carriers OR by deliverers depending on the delivery method chosen. The customer must imperatively check the package in the presence of the carrier. This verification is considered to have been carried out as soon as the customer, or a person authorized by him, has signed the delivery note.

Upon receipt of the product(s), any technical impediment to receipt at the customer’s premises will not result in a return or refund from Couleur lave. The customer is required to check his availability in order to be able to receive the package(s) before the order confirmation.

Toute livraison est effectuée à l’adresse indiquée sur la commande confirmée.

La société Couleur lave se réserve le droit de fractionner la livraison, les frais supplémentaires engendrés sont à la charge de la société couleur lave. Dès la signature du bon de livraison, la vérification du produit est considérée comme faite. En cas de colis endommagé ou casser, le client doit impérativement refuser le colis et expliquer les raisons du refus sur le bon de livraison. De plus le client doit contacter la société couleur lave et expliquer ses réserves dans les 24h. Dans ce cas, Après réception du colis dans l’entrepôt et après constatation du dommage, le client pourra décider soit de l’échange du produit ou du remboursement de celui ci.

La société couleur lave s’engage à livrer les produits correspondant à la description de celui ci lors de la commande.

Lors de la livraison, les produits sont emballés dans les meilleurs conditions et conditionnements possibles.

Si un produit possédait un défaut justifié, il sera alors procédé à son échange dans les plus brefs délais en fonction des stocks disponibles.

Teak warranty and features:

The teak furniture is 100% teak from Indonesia and controlled by the State of Indonesia.

Not justifying a return of merchandise:

Imperfections of the raw wood (vain, knots etc.) can under no circumstances be considered as defects of the variety of the wood. On the contrary, these “imperfections” are a guarantee of the material’s authenticity.

Exclusion of warranties:

The warranties exclude any damage of external origin. Damage caused by improper use of the product(s) voids any warranty.

– The proximity of a heating system is less than 3 meters away

– The installation of the furniture on a underfloor heating system

Responsibilities :

The company washes color advice to have the furniture installed by professionals.

We recommend that enamelled lava stone (ceramic) and furniture be handled with care and by several people. COULEUR LAVE cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage resulting from improper handling of the lava-coloured products (falling, impact, exposure to heat).

The customer must first check the correct content of his wall in order to support the weight of the furniture.

The customer must check the possibility of installing the furniture.

COULEUR LAVE company cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage related to the installation, whether it be of the furniture, the top under the basin, the basin or the part to which it is attached. As well as all the consequences following installation.

In the event that it is impossible to use all or part of the products due to the incompatibility of the equipment, the couleur lave company declines all responsibility to the customer and will not proceed to any refund. The company couleur lave cannot be held responsible for any damage of any kind that may result from improper operation or use of the products. The liability of the company couleur lave is limited to the amount of the order. Couleur lave cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during troubleshooting, or moving the furniture.