Manufacturing of enamelled lava

unparalleled mechanical strength

Our enamelled lava stone products come from rock blocks extracted from volcanoes. This innovative material of excellent quality is reinforced by several layers of enamel fired at 1000°C. This firing provides unparalleled mechanical strength. The lava is cut into blocks, slices and then glazed in a wide range of colours.

The material

a French KNOW-HOW

Our lava stone is presented in its raw form in huge compact blocks. The lava is cut into small blocks and then sliced into slices to be enamelled in a wide range of colours. Our pigments used for enamelling all come from France, which ensures us a traceability and a certain quality. Our products therefore benefit from French know-how.

Outstanding Product

The natural beauty of stone

The enamelled lava stone is fired at 1000°C for 8 hours in 2 steps which allows the enamel to obtain a very high resistance and an eternal stability. Enamelled lava stone is unique, it is an artisanal product that expresses the natural character of the stone. The density and volume of the enamelled lava stone allows it to be used to create very large pieces, it is then shaped manually before being enamelled.

Enamelling is based on elaborate principles

Customizable creations

The enameller is a qualified craftsman, the work of crackling consists in passing several layers of baked enamels. The enamel will be plain, white or coloured. We transpose inscriptions, texts, logos, diagrams on request and through our personal creations, according to our furniture collections. Our creations appeal to architects and decorators who are concerned about the beauty of enamelled lava. Once enamelled, we will talk about treailing, pigmentation.

For professionals or individuals

an unparalleled price/quality ratio

The cracked appearance is quite normal given the crackling that cannot be avoided on enamelled lava, which makes it unique. We manufacture custom-made worktops with monolytic enamelled lava basins. Our location and our commercial policy allow us to obtain an excellent quality enamelled lava at an affordable price compared to companies located in France. We export our products for hotels, restaurants and private individuals.

The qualities of enamelled lava stone are second to none: